Friday, 31 July 2009

Day 2

Yesterday, my big missions for the day were to track down my missing parcel, go to the bank to collect the card and cheque book for the account that I opened when I visited in June, and contact the electricity company.

The first mission failed because the tracking page on the Italian post office website could not be found. (I'm almost bored of pointing out the irony that accompanies every experience I have with that company.) I'm now starting to believe that the box was seized by customs because it had something in it that wasn't on the published list of forbidden items but did appear on the other, secret list of rules and regulations that they don't make available to people who are actually packing the boxes and sending the stuff, which means that I will also lose all the things that were legal but happened to be in the same box

In the afternoon, I went to the bank, which is a half-hour bus ride and a fifteen minute walk from my flat, only to find out that there was an instruction on my file that said not to release any methods of payment, despite the fact that they had the card behind the desk, I had the pin number and the letter that said it was mine, and I was told when I opened the account a month ago that it would be available as soon as I arrived in France. Obviously, the only person who could deal with the problem in the entire bank was on holiday and wouldn't be back until Tuesday.

The electricity company requires your bank details to set up an account, and after what happened at the bank I wasn't really up for phoning them, so instead I decided to go to Carrefour, which turned out to be a 40 minute walk away along a busy road. I bought some towels, a bath mat, an iron (which I can't use because I have only one working hand and no ironing board) and a set of coat hangers. I really wanted to buy a set of plates, a set of saucepans and a bin, but they were too big and heavy for me to lift of the shelf.

Frustrated, moi?

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