Sunday, 6 September 2009

Feeling Blue

I got a case of the lonely blues this weekend. Up until now, I've either had company or been working too hard to notice, but this weekend it has really hit me: once again, here I am in a foreign country, all by myself and starting all over again. And although knowing to expect this feeling has made me better at dealing with it, I've also got to the stage where I just don't want to deal with it any more. Although I like having time to myself, I lose the motivation to do a lot of the things I would otherwise want to do when I spend too much time alone, and more than 24 hours with nobody to talk to is definitely too much. I've been spoiled with company over the past year and it's been good for me. In fact, I like the place where I live and I think I'm going to enjoy my new job, but I'm angry with the circumstances that brought me here when I didn't really want to move, sad about being by myself, and tired of dealing with my own company.

Isn't it ironic that when you really need to talk to a good friend, you can't get a phone line installed so that you can do it?


  1. Hello

    I don't know you (yet!) but I thought I'd send big reassuring british hugs your way. Being alone is shit, I know all about that, but know that you can come say hi my way whenever you want to!

  2. Thanks, Emmy, that's really sweet. I went to Amiens on a school exchange and spent my first year in France in Compiegne, but I haven't been back in the north for a while. Maybe we could bond over Ribena and Hobonobs sometime!

  3. Heya,

    Thought I'd say hi too...

    I know what its like to be lonely in France. I spent my summer in Scotland and I was always in the house with other people. Then when I got back to France, my room mate wasn't around and friends were busy, so I'd be alone and wonder why on Earth I was in France etc. It definitely comes and goes and I see in your recent posts you've been busy. It definitely helps to keep busy, well for me anyway :)

    I think I'm addicted to Hobnobs and I've just finished my last one that I brought over from England.

    Take care and I hope you recover from your biking accident.