Saturday, 26 September 2009

My New Bike

I bought my first bike this morning. Ok, the first bike I've had since I've been old enough to be expected to buy my own bikes .

There's a reason for that: I don't like cycling.

I decided this when I was about twelve years old and read in some book that ballerinas aren't allowed to ride bikes because it makes your leg muscles big and bulky. And despite the fact that I have since resigned myself to the fact that, even at twelve I was about 6 inches too tall and four stones to heavy to be a ballerina, I've barely ridden a bike since. I suffer from a dislike of having a bruised bottom, and a sweaty back, a certain degree of laziness and a tendency to feel extremely self conscious when holding up a long queue of traffic.

The last time I cycled was in the Veneto in Italy, along flat country roads (no sweaty back) on a bike with no gears and no brakes (a good excuse not to go fast), in an area where most of the other cyclists were over-60s on bikes with shopping baskets on the front (no need to feel self conscious). I still got a sore bottom.

So why did I by the bike?

Quite simply, I am bored sick of walking. Just to get to work, I've been walking for around ten hours a week, always along the same old streets. The stupid price of second-hand cars here and the even stupider parking regulations are putting me off driving for the moment and the buses are not very frequent and not very useful, so two wheels and a helmet it is. Watch this space for embarrassing stories.


  1. Oh I've been looking for a good priced second hand bike for months and still nothing. Every time we find a good one, it's been already sold (even if the advert was put up only 2 hours previously) Where'd you get yours from? Post a photo up so I can be jealous!!

  2. I looked (not very hard) for second hand ones and didn't find anything, so I ended up going to Decathlon and getting a cheap one there. The cheapest ones are 129 euros.

    The post I'm about to write might put you off though!

  3. Ah its a VTC. I'm looking for a grandma bike. They are bizarely more expensive. You know the type with a basket at the front. Yes, your post did put me off a bit. It doesn't help that I'm not very good on a bike. No balance, I find it hard to take tight corners....haha. It was easy when I was a kid, now I'm scared of falling off I guess. :os