Sunday, 27 September 2009

Tales of Me and My Bike

I was expecting to have a few embarrassing stories to tell about me and my bike.

I was not expecting to start telling them just one day after I bought it.

Some of you may think that this picture looks familiar.

In fact, you are merely recalling this picture, taken after I sliced open my thumb and had to go to A&E back in August.

This one is of the other hand, taken today after I fell off my bike.

I rode the bike home from the shop yesterday, chained it up carefully outside my flat and proudly took pictures of it and blogged about it. Today, I decided to take it out and do a trial run to work to see how long it would take, where the cycle lanes were and how steep the hill really was.

From my house to my work took 20 minutes. About two minutes later, I was whizzing down the other side of the hill on my way home. That side of the hill was steeper, it was going round a tight corner, and I had to make a left turn in the opposite direction from the way the road was bending. I stuck my left hand out to signal. Next thing I knew, I was flying over the handlebars and the bike was flying back-wheel-over-front-wheel to land on top of me.

I was fortunate enough to escape with only mild injuries. I ripped a fair amount of skin off my hand, scratched my leg and my wrist and bruised my ankle. I also managed to tear my jeans from the knee to the top of my thigh, but that could have been the skin on my leg, so I didn't mind too much.

The bike, however, was not so lucky. The chain came off, the gear-wheels were bent and the supports for the back break pads were at a funny angle, meaning that the back wheel could no longer move.

I picked myself up and inspected my injuries, then the bike's, and realised that I was something of a sorry sight. Luckily, I was just around the corner from my friends' house, so I went there. They kindly cleaned me up, gave me a cup of tea and offered to keep the bike until I could go and get it fixed.

I doubt that the bike shop will be able to do much by way of repairs. At nearly 200 euros for less than 10 miles of cycling, it would probably have been cheaper to take a private jet.

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  1. Oh no!!!! Ouch! Are you going to get it fixed? eek.