Tuesday, 20 October 2009

First Grève of the Year

Last weekend I booked tickets to go to Berlin at the end of the month. It was a bit of a last minute decision, so the tickets were hard to find and not that cheap, and my travel plans included 9 hours on a train, leaving home at around 5 in the morning, but once I'd got it all organised I was pretty excited and sure that it was going to be worth it.

Actually, I was really excited.

Then I got this email tonight from EasyJet:

We regret to inform you that as a result of industrial action in Paris Orly (ORY) from 24th to 31st October 09your flight has been cancelled. The action by Ground Handlers at the airport is beyond our control and unfortunately we could not avoid subsequent disruption to easyJet flights.

Apparently I have the right to transfer my flight for free but at the moment the EasyJet website seems to be suggesting that I pay 40 euros to transfer to the exact same flight that they've just told me is cancelled, so I get the feeling that that's not going to be so simple. The other option is to get refunded for the flight, lose the money I spent on my non-refundable train ticket and spend 5 days at home being bored.

The reason for the strike is that Servisair, which is contracted by the government to work at Orly airport, is going to lose its contract at the end of October. The employees should, apparently, be offered a similar position in the company that is taking over the contract, but despite the end of October being just 11 days away, this has not yet been confirmed.

To be honest, this does sound like a reasonable excuse for a strike to me. On the other hand, in a country where the newspapers are boasting that the current strike by the SNCF (the national railway company) is the first since this time last year, there is an element of the boy who cried wolf. Right now, I am not particularly inclined to be sympathetic.

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  1. Oh no that sucks! Whilst I understand Servisair striking, and it sucking for the employees, I assume that they put in a bid to renew their contract and lost. It's all part of business, when your contract is up, you put in a tender along with your competition and either you get another contract or you lose out.

    I found Easyjet really good when my flights were cancelled due to snow in London. But instead of trying on the net or by phone I went into the airport in Inverness and they were very helpful and friendly. I hope that you can get your travel plans all sorted out.