Thursday, 22 October 2009

Grève Update

After spending a large amount of time trying to make sense of the EasyJet website and failing completely, I finally called the call centre the next day. (NB: the phone number for the call centre is not easy to find on the website and they do everything in their power to divert you away from calling them. If I could find the answer online, why would I spend hours over-enunciating into the handset while speaking to an automated reply system that offers the possibility of doing all the things I don't want to do several times over before finally, finally letting me speak to a human being?)

When I did get through, however, they were very helpful and changed my flight for free to one at a similar time that had been diverted to Charles de Gaulle airport. I felt that my morning had not been completely wasted.

Then, yesterday evening, I got a second email from EasyJet. The strike was no longer on, my original flight was no longer cancelled and I could ignore all the information that had been sent to me.

Apparently EasyJet is just a little bit to efficient to operate in France.

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