Monday, 21 December 2009

Winter Wonderland

I was getting a bit bored of my period of enforced hibernation by the middle of last week. December was grey and nothing was happening. Then, on Thursday, it snowed, and suddenly life was exciting again. Wrapped up warmly, I felt like an intrepid adventurer walking up the road to work. Putting on ski gear to go to the shops didn't seem unreasonable.

In fact, it didn't actually snow all that much, but the Ile de France is a bit like the south of England, where two inches of snow can bring the country to a standstill. It even managed to slow the French drivers down. Walking, on the other hand, was a treat. The snow fell swiftly, creating a layer of thick, soft, white powder. Kids were making snowmen and having snowball fights and suddenly it felt like Christmas.

Then, on Saturday, I had to come back to Scotland. Despite the fact that the country had more pressing issues to confront than just how cushy a deal train drivers should get, the RER A was still on strike, buses were delayed everywhere because of the snow, British Airways was threatening industrial action, airports were closing all over Europe and five Eurostar trains were stuck in the tunnel. It should have been a terrible day to travel, but in fact I was lucky. The RER got me to the airport in under 2 hours and EasyJet flew me from Charles de Gaulle without a hitch.

It's been snowing in Scotland too, but I'm cosily tucked up in my parents' house playing board games, catching up on my reading and baking for Christmas. Outside, the hills are covered in snow which catches the winter sunlight and shines magically. I have indeed been very lucky!

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