Sunday, 11 April 2010

Paris in the Spring, Paris in the Rain

I've been kept busy over the past couple of weeks with far too much work and a very agreeable number of visitors. The right kind of visitors too: the kind that do the washing up when you're out at work, are happy to go for dinner in a Perfectville creperie when you decide you haven't got the strength to go into Paris, who find interesting things to do that are off the beaten tourist track and who don't insist on going up the Eiffel tower when the queue is about 4 hours long.

The weather has been changing here recently. Sunshine has been mixed with storm clouds and the fresh blossoms on the trees have been beaten by the rain. Much of the beauty of Paris comes from the the effects that the light has on the buildings and last week all of that took place against the backdrop of an ever-changing sky. Here are the best of the pictures:

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