Monday, 16 August 2010


Hello blog, it’s been a while! But that’s ok, because I’m just back in Paris after spending a whole month in my favourite part of the world – the wonderful area in the south east of France and the north of Italy where there is sun, mountains, lakes, delicious food and lots of amazing things to do - and I have lots of adventures to tell you about.

The first week, I went with a group of friends to the Alps. We stayed in a friend’s holiday home in a tiny hamlet on a perilously twisty road that in winter is only accessible on cross country skis. The area is a rock-climber’s paradise, so inevitably even the “easy” walking was also somewhat vertical. Despite our aching muscles, we had a fabulous time and managed to fit in lots of great eating (tarte aux myrtilles, crêpes, home-made cake, enormous group dinners and a barbecue), drinking (especially génépy, a local delicacy that’s similar to Italian grappa), lake-swimming and view-admiring (photography stops are a great excuse for a breather!) as well as the strenuous exercise.

Then it was back to Paris to do laundry and pack my bags for Italy – posts about that will be appearing on my other blog soon!