Friday, 29 October 2010

Seasonal Confusion

Last weekend, some friends and I managed to defy the petrol crisis and make it all the way to the mountains without having to get out and push the car once. We also managed to get back again safely, but I would have been completely happy to stay. Forever.

There were lots of reasons why I loved Haute Savoie, many of them relating to melted cheese and mulled wine, but the best bit of the trip was the incredible change in the weather that we witnessed literally overnight. Saturday was a gorgeous autumn day, with rays of low October sunshine streaming through the clouds. Sunday was a vin chaud day, as it rained from the moment we got up in the morning until after dark, but on Monday we headed out into the blustery wind to discover that the rain had fallen as snow higher up in the mountains and, on closer inspection (a.k.a. driving further up the hill) what looked like a delicate dusting of icing sugar turned out to be a veritable winter wonderland, with a good 15cm of snow and lots of opportunities for throwing it at each other. Walking amongst pine trees with branches laden down with white powder, our feet crunching gently underneath us, it was hard to believe it was only October, so we indulged in some early singing of Christmas carols.

It looks as though my next trip away from the city might have to be a skiing holiday :-)

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