Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Random Acts of Kindness

As well as the guardian angel lady who got me on the Eurostar this morning, in the midst of a winter of Parisian rudeness, a couple of other acts of kindness have touched me recently.

This morning at the metro station, a lady kept the gate open for me so that I could get my suitcase through. She stood holding it as I fumbled for my ticket, organised my multiple bags and pieces of clothing and shoved the suitcase under the turnstile.

And the other week, also in the metro, I was trying to change trains at Bastille and because the connecting passage was blocked for building work, came out of the exit by mistake. When I went to the information desk to ask the man to revalidate my ticket, he not only did so with a smile and without telling me how stupid I had been, he also gave me a free magnet wishing me a happy Christmas from the RATP. As public transport workers are normally the grumpiest in the world, this counts ten times over on the kindness scale.

Merry Christmas, everybody, from me as well as the RATP!

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