Tuesday, 8 February 2011

The Other Amélie

As anyone who knows me will testify, I don't really do sport. Exercise yes - if it's rollerblading, dancing, climbing mountains or even doing aerobics, I'm up for it, but if I have to hit a ball or score points, I just can't. So I don't.

The same applies to watching sport. I watch figure skating avidly and gymnastics with enthusiasm but apart from that the only spectator sport that gets me excited is Six Nations rugby and even that's more to do with my torn loyalties than any real love of the game. (Incidentally, Understanding Frenchman and I watched the Scotland-France game together last weekend and, in a true victory for international relations, are still speaking to each other. Now we can sit back, relax and support each others' teams against all kinds of evil opposition, but especially the Auld Enemy.)

Yesterday night, however, a friend had managed to get free tickets for the GDF Suez Women's Tennis tournament ... with a twist. Yesterday was not the actual tournament but the Soirée Amélie, where celebrity friends of Amélie Mauresmo, winner of two Grand Slams and Olympic silver medallist, were invited to play (very) informal doubles games. The celebrities, who, for those who might recognise the names included Yannick Noah, Guy Forget, Henri Leconte, Mansour Bahrami, Fabrice Santoro, Kad Merad, Michel Boujenah and Michèle Laroque, were a mixture of current and veteran tennis players and people who are famous for completely different things, such as music and acting. (Some were, impressively, famous for more than one of the above.) All of them were hooked up to microphones and their banter and tennis tricks combined to produce pure comedy gold for large parts of the evening. The players in the final were all "real" tennis stars, which meant that, in between the silliness, we actually got to see some impressive sport as well.

For someone with no experience of watching live tennis whatsoever, it was probably a good introduction. I might even go back to see the real thing sometime, especially if the tickets are free!

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  1. Hey, I would have loved that! It must have been a great occasion - lucky you!