Wednesday, 2 February 2011

What's On TV

Canal+ is showing a fabulous imported BBC series called MI-5 at the moment. It's shown on Tuesday night and highly recommended for anyone who likes spies, intrigue and high-quality television.

Also, I don't very often watch Arte (which also shows a lot of high-quality television but you have to be experiencing a high-quality state of intellectual motivation to watch it), but last night their "Theme" was Italian politics, with a programme detailing Berlusconi's rise to what appears to be invincible immunity and an attempt to explain why Italians still vote for him. It inspired me to post about the "dark heart of Italy" over on my Italian blog.

Finally, I discovered a while ago that if you decide to subscribe to Canal+, you can expect lots of mickey-taking from your friends about the first Saturday of every month. This is because the powers that be at the television channel have decided that, once a month, their viewers should have the right to watch a porn film, and that first Saturday night is when the ration for the month is screened. Luckily, other powers that be have decreed the first Sunday of the month free museum day, so you can compensate for your indulgences of the night before with some highbrow culture. France is funny :-)

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