Sunday, 22 May 2011

We Will Shock You

As any expat knows, the rest of the world loves English-language music. Unfortunately, this doesn't mean that they understand the lyrics, with the result that far too many songs about copulation with ones female progenitor are blasted out in the aisles of French supermarkets as old ladies fuss about finding the ripest tomatoes and any anglophones in the vicinity cover their ears and blush in shame.

Listening to Autoroute Radio in the car today, I heard another delightful yet macabre example: a government advert reminding people that kids are legally required to use special car seats and wear seatbelts and that the biggest cause of death among under-tens in France is road accidents was followed by the broadcasting of Queen's "Another One Bites the Dust."


  1. Definitely not an appropriate song to follow... but it did make me giggle, thanks! You know that Lily Allen song that uses the F word a lot, well I heard some girls singing it at the swimming pool but F you was replaced with "thank you".. I'm pretty sure that is what they understood from it!

  2. How sweet! Strange, because normally it seems that the one word everybody knows in English is that one!