Monday, 14 November 2011

Deutschlandreise 2011: Die Baeckerei

In the past, I've been surprised a couple of times when German friends living in France have said that one of the things they miss most about home is the bread. Isn't Germany famous for its beer and sausages and France for its baguettes and croissants? Isn't German bread that weird black stuff that looks as though it would send all but the strongest teutonic intestines into spasms for days?

But now, having been a house guest in 3 different German homes, I understand.

(Are three German friends enough to keep me safe if the euro actually does end up going down the tubes?)

German bread is awesome. They have bakeries on every corner where the shelves groan with doughy delicacies. There are granary breads and sesame breads and poppy breads. There are breads with cheese and breads with bacon and breads with cheese and bacon. And there are pretzels, gorgeously browned on the outside, soft and white on the inside and sprinkled with chunky salt crystals.

If the wine and the cheese were up to the same standard, I'd seriously be thinking about moving over the border.

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  1. Cheese AND bacon, sweet! Actually, we had a bread like that at home (maybe in UK too) called a Vienna loaf (came plain, with cheese, or with cheese and bacon). So good! Obviously not German, but close enough (unless any Germans/Austrians are reading this, in which case, totally different!)