Thursday, 22 December 2011

La Butte aux Cailles

Having a virtual rummage this afternoon through my ridiculously large photo archive, I came across these photos, which I took a couple of months ago on a grey Sunday afternoon in Paris and which I meant to share but then completely forgot about.

With nothing better to do, Understanding Frenchman and I decided that it was time for me to discover a new corner of Paris and, as I have something of a penchant for climbing hills, we took the metro to La Butte aux Cailles in the 13th.

La Butte aux Cailles has a bit of a Montmartresque feel to it, but without the tourists, the bracelet sellers and the Amelie Poulain overkill. It's an arty area which looks a bit scruffy and rough around the edges but, like everywhere in Paris, it's an expensive kind of rough around the edges. (Out of sheer curiosity, I was browsing the Parisian property websites the other night. 180 000 euros for a 17-square metre studio anyone?)If you like altitude, the Butte itself is also a little disappointing - unlike the Butte de Montmartre and the Buttes Chaumont, it has almost no view.

Before I start sounding too negative though, there was one thing about the Butte aux Cailles that I found very cool, and that was the street art that was peeling in an expensively scruffy way off many of the walls. Because a picture is worth a thousand words, here are the photos:

The writing on this one translates as, "With love, time passes by quickly. With time, love passes by less often."

And finally, there was this surrealist optician's sign with shades of The Great Gatsby:

Someone is watching you!


  1. Hello Canedolia! I also enjoy Grafitti, especially the nice ones of course, like these ones you have been photographing. Have put pictures in my blog as well, but am not sure if maybe it's only on the Swedish part which I started before the English.
    Love Paris! But now it's many years since I was there. Tell me you have time to go to see the Eiffel Tower from the airport de Gaulle and to go back again in 2½ hoyrs?!

  2. Hi Eva,

    I'm just going to have a look at your blog just now as I love discovering new ones to read!

    I think 2.5 hours is a bit tight for seeing the Eiffel tower - it takes at least 45 minutes to get into the centre on the train, plus the time to buy tickets, get the metro to the tower etc. And the train from the airport is not very reliable. Sorry for the bad news!

  3. Hello again!
    Thanks a lot for your answer! I saw it and it was very helpful for my planning, but I didn't have time to answer at that time. We are back in Athens now after a snowy, great time in the north of Sweden!