Sunday, 8 January 2012

Festive Celebrations in Rennes

I spent Christmas in the UK with my parents but was back in France in time to spend a few days in Bretagne with Understanding Frenchman and his relatives before new year. A family birthday in the middle of the week meant that we spent a lot of time drinking champagne and eating cake, meaning that, by the time I had also eaten an 8-hour, 7 course meal at new year, I was ready for some gastronomic austerity when the time came to go back to work.

Another "highlight" (of sorts) of the trip was the opportunity to see the festive light show in the main square in Rennes. They projected lights onto the facade of the town hall, accompanied by a voiceover story and music. I've seen this kind of show before in France and the special effects have always been impressive. The mairie at one point did actually look as if it were covered in gold. And yes, that is a giant teddy bear you can see:

The story, on the other hand, was a little strange. It told the story of a little boy who had a dream about the economic crisis where at one point a triple A rating was projected on the walls of the building as, in all their gilded glory, they crumbled into dust. The show ended with falling white feathers and Socialist red roses. Guess which party the mayor is from?

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  1. Welcome back from your trip, sounds like you've had a good, fattening time...and you're not alone!
    Beautiful photo!
    Have a nice week!