Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Blogger Travel Quiz: Where am I?

Understanding Frenchman and I are on holiday. If you can guess from the pictures below where we are and what we've been doing, leave a comment in the box for the chance to win a mystery prize!
Lunch: Sausage with spicy sauce, bean casserole, meat stew with plenty of garlic and bean broth.
A Helpful Map ... sort of

A piper ... but where's his kilt?
There was plenty of this around ...
And a few of these...

We bought some of this

Some local scenery

How many flags do you recognise? And what is the connection?


  1. Fun challenge! Erm, brittany?? I recognise the flag, but closest i've been is Nantes/saint Nazaire which technically aren't brittany so not sure!

  2. Last guess - promise! Well, the connection is Celtic I guess. The Guiness is Irish.... but I'm also guessing Brittany. Because of the little gateau!

  3. Coulc have been Brittany but I really don't recognized the food in the first picture. Maybe it's my Nantes roots, but I would have thought local food is more crêpes than stew. That said, the cake looks like a kouign amman...

    Alright, I still vote for Brittany because of the Triskell in the flag!