Sunday, 2 December 2012

Promenade Photos

A week or so ago, I commented over one of Gwan, Blog Queen of Tours' posts, that while there is plenty to see and do in Paris, it's a hard place to write about, because they chances are that whatever I've done recently, some other expat blogger has got there first and written about it much more stylishly and with greater wit than I ever could. And what is true of writing is even more true of photography. So many beautiful pictures have been taken of this city that sometimes, walking around, it's hard to remember that you're looking at the real thing and not through someone else's lens.

The struggle for originality in a city where every photo is a cliché (in more ways than one) has prevented me from posting photos in the past, but today, as autumn slid into winter and cool blue skies and sunshine provided a backdrop to the end-of-November haze, I couldn't resist getting out my (phone) camera. The results might not be quite Elliot Erwitt standard, but they are at least 100 percent mine:

Not for the first time, it was the Place de la Bastille and the Arsenal that enticed me to get my camera out and get snapping.

Victory and Boats

Must remember this next time I get my iron out !

Bikes and Boat at Bastille

Playing with the light - the Ile Saint Louis and the Pantheon

Rue des Barres - one of the prettiest streets in Paris

This shop entirely devoted to articles produced in monasteries is just behind the church. Could be a good source of Christmas presents!

You aren't allowed sell Parisian wine, but you can grow grapes here in December.

I spent ages waiting for a gap in the traffic and the pedestrians to take this picture. Then the woman moved and a post got in the way. Another frustration of Parisian photography.

I liked the shadow shape of this street lamp in the  Marais

Back near Bastille, in a street where everything was grey.

Can you see Victory now? Getting close enough to take this picture and remain alive was something of a challenge!


  1. I like your shots! The one with the woman and the poster is a great example of good street photography (and who cares about the stupid post that got in the way!).

  2. You're too kind! Some great photos, especially the one of the Pantheon. I often travel by myself, so it does cross my mind at times to wonder why I bother taking a photo of a landmark instead of just linking to a (probably better) photo online or whatever. But it's not the same somehow...

  3. Great photos! I used to live on the street with the mosaic Achat de Chevaux sign! Don't worry about overlapping content and images with other expat bloggers. This city is pretty small so it's normal! You blog for you as well as your readers who would love to live here and who enjoy snippets of your life in such a glamorous city! Keep posting photos! : )

  4. OK, I'm now officially intrigued: why can't you sell Parisian wine? Is it just not very good, or is there more to it than that?

    The best thing about taking your own photos is that no-one can get arsey with you for nicking their shots! I love going out and trying to get something different from all the other pictures that have gone before, and most of the time it's perfectly possible because - as with the woman by the Achat de Chevaux sign - the people in each photo change all the time, and its their reactions to the scenery that can make a good shot into a great one.

  5. Thank you for your nice comments! I love looking at photos on everyone else's blogs, which is why I'm so desperate to be some original ones for mine!

    Katja, French wine can only be sold if it comes from designated wine producing regions. Other regions, like the area around Paris, can produce it but not sell it. Montmartre in Paris and my little suburb are two places which actually have municipal vineyards. Conveniently for the mayors, seeing as they can't sell it, they get to drink it at official events instead, so it's not a law I see changing any time soon!