Wednesday, 17 April 2013

The Little Things I Loved About Spain

Free WiFi: I didn't notice if they had this in Seville, because we had internet at our apartment, but Granada and Malaga both had hotspots all over the city centre.

Awesome public transport: we had no trouble with buses, trains or metros anywhere, but top prize goes to the coach we took from Granada to Malaga. With its wide, comfy seats, on-board entertainment, free internet and water and snacks provided, it was more luxurious than the plane we arrived on, and all for 13 euros!

People speaking Spanish: obviously, people in Spain speak Spanish ... but almost nobody spoke to us in English. Instead, they slowed down, used lots of gestures, and were very patient with our somewhat garbled attempts to reply.

Friendly people: nearly everyone we met was cheery and helpful, but first prize goes to the lovely man at the train station in Granada, who when we asked for tickets to Malaga, very honestly told us that it was much faster and cheaper to get the bus ... and how to get to the bus station.

Tapas, tapas, tapas: I don't like drinking without eating, and I love tasting local dishes, but often a full meal in a restaurant  is to much to manage. Tapas give you control over what and how much you eat, and when your vocabulary isn't very big, offer all kinds of surprises, but rarely any big mistakes.

Tinto de Verano: watching my French boyfriend's face as we drank red wine mixed with lemonade was at least as good as the drink itself.

Orange blossoms: I love the smell and I love the colour of the fruits on the tree against the blue sky. The only thing I am confused about is how we didn't eat anything with oranges in it the whole week! Are they all just for decoration?


  1. Makes me wanna go there! Tapas were super popular when I was a student in France, cheap and filling "bar food". Unfortunately, the only tapas place in Ottawa is very expensive... Spanish restaurants are rare I guess and they are seen as "haute cuisine".

  2. Orange season ends in March in Spain, so maybe that's why you didn't eat any oranges? Anyway, I don't think Spanish people use oranges to create dishes, they peel them and eat them as a dessert after a meal.

    I agree, the tapas in Spain are sooooooo good. I would visit Spain just for the tapas! And tinto de verano, don't get me started. My husband just hates the stuff; for him adding juice to wine is a crime. My husband's favourite tapa is Pimientos de Padrón and mine are pulpo a la gallega or calamares.

  3. Oh, I need to go to Spain - haven't been since 2009! It's amazing how vastly difference the culture is there vs. that in France. A breath of fresh air, I'm sure :)