Tuesday, 8 October 2013

West Side Photoblog

Since moving Paris in July, I've become a true convert to the delights of its eastern side. Between trying out the bars in Oberkampf, biking in the Bois de Vincennes, browsing in the brocantes of the 11th and strolling by the banks of the canal, I have very little need to venture much west of the Paris meridian , apart from when passing underneath it on a train.

A few weeks ago, however, we were lucky enough to be invited to a birthday party at a gorgeous apartment in the 16th, which as well as being packed with lovely people, also happened to have 360° views of the Paris skyline. As you can see from the pictures below, it was stunning.

Sometimes it's good to break your habits and (re)discover a different perspective!


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  2. Visiting an apartment in the 16e arrondissement is on my bucket list, unfortunately my friends are all poor. I hung out with the wrong crowd, all I got to visit were chambres de bonne, preferably on the 8th flor without elevator. Sigh.

    Seriously, I am forever curious to know how wealthier people live in Paris, and I say that without a hint of irony. I know there are so truly amazing apartment. It must make all the difference in a city like Paris, which can be a bit dirty and chaotic at times.

  3. You could always do what our friends did and rent this place for the week. Still pricey, but only a tiny fraction of what it would cost to live there!

    Anyone I've ever known with a posh place in Paris was an expat whose company was paying. I imagine that the rest of the time it often comes down to an inheritance, and the sad fact is that a lot of the really lovely apartments stand empty a lot of the time.

    The funny thing is, I reckon I'm actually much happier in our down-to-earth corner of town, hence the fact that I was almost surprised to discover that the other side, which is much more like the stereotypical Parisian dream, was also nice to visit for an evening as well!