Tuesday, 3 December 2013

A New Yorker in Paris

"What, just one?" you might say on reading the title of this post. But while there might be many folks from the Grosse Pomme here ( including some of my favourite bloggers - hi guys!) Sebastian Marx stands out because he has his own very funny comedy show. Currently running at the So Gymnase theatre at Bonne Nouvelle in a tiny theatre where an audience of around 50 can lounge around on squishy sofas and buy drinks and snacks at the bar without racking up a lifetime of debt, the show reminded me of some of the best standup  I've seen at the Edinburgh Fringe - charming and chuckle-worthy but with some sharp cultural insights nevertheless.

Sebastian's routine started off a little slowly, with a lot of chat about where people were from and what they were doing in Paris. I was psyching myself up to be a little bit underwhelmed, which made it even better as the humour level gradually rose and I realised that a well as being extremely likeable, this guy also had some witty and original things to say. The concept was similar to How to a Become Parisian in. One Hour, which I also enjoyed, but I have to say that I thought  Marx was more insightful and didn't come across as trying too hard. (The punctuation error in the actual title of the other show also bothers me, but that's probably just because I'm a sad geek.)

You can buy tickets for A New Yorker in Paris here . I would highly recommend it!

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  1. I miss these comedy shows and going to the theatre!