Saturday, 25 January 2014

Stag Do Wild Games

Last night, Understanding Frenchman was telling me about the stag party of one of his friends that he attended in his younger days. The groom-to-be in question being a notorious party animal, the weekend was packed with the usual practical jokes and embarrassing dares, and much alcohol was consumed.

"And the first thing we made him do," UFM told me, "was make him eat sardines and saucisson for breakfast!"

That's those crazy French boys for you - swimming in public fountains, skipping down the street wearing nothing but women's underwear and, most daring of all, eating something mildly difficult to digest for breakfast.


  1. My husband had to dress up as as bear in the middle of July and walk the streets of Grenoble looking for another woman that shared the same first name as me. Needless to say, he walked around for a long time because my name is so rare and eventually he had to give up. Then they played poker and ate junk food all night. They slept on mattresses in the garden and he woke up to my mother-in-law calling him to ask where he was.

  2. Wow, made him eat sardines and saucisson for breakfast...that just made me laugh out loud! With my husband this is a relatively common occurrence! He will literally eat anything for breakfast.

    From what I've heard of my husband's bachelor party, it sounded more traditionally American than French. It was just one night and his friends took him out for aperitifs and bowling (which I thought was a little strange), then to dinner at Nos Ancêtres les Gaulois (chosen primarily for the celebratory atmosphere and all you can eat and drink aspect of the otherwise less than stellar restaurant), then out for many more drinks and from what I have gathered over the years they ended the night at a strip club. I don't think they did any of the usual jokes, pranks or dares that are normally so typical of a French bachelor party.

  3. This is definitely a theme with my husband and his friends! For all of their bachelor parties, something weird was eaten or drunk, and then probably revisited after drinking all day/night, haha.

  4. hahah some of these wild games sound amazing, i recent went on a lviv stag do and we were missing things like this, if only i read this blog sooner! next time i know how to have fun, hahah