Friday, 3 January 2014

The Last, Wild Days of 2013

Understanding Frenchman and I spent Christmas at my parents' house in Scotland. It was a week of wild, windy weather with flurries of snow which didn't lie in the town but rested on the hills for a few hours each time, gleaming in the intervals of bright sunshine. We alternated long walks in the (very) fresh air with cosy hot drinks by the fireside, family board games and lots of mum's delicious cooking.

For New Year, we more or less repeated the same winning formula at Understanding Frenchman's parents' house in Brittany. There wasn't any snow, but there was plenty of impressive flooding, as you can see from this picture of our walk by the Nantes-Brest canal, where the river has flooded almost far enough to meet with the canal

The water at the front is the canal; behind is the river and the flooded fields.

Sunset beyond the flooded fields.

For the last day of 2013, we visited the Côte Sauvage on the Quiberon peninsula. I hadn't seen the sea in winter for a long time, and we were lucky enough to arrive just before high tide and be treated to the awesome spectacle of the waves roaring in from the Atlantic, pounding and exploding against the rocks - the perfect way to chase away the cobwebs of the old year!

After an hour or so out in the raging wind, rain and salt spray, we felt that our 5 course Hogmanay dinner was well deserved. Understanding Frenchman's mum had prepared smoked salmon, foie gras, duck breast with potatoes, cheese and salad and mini Christmas logs made out of chocolate mousse, washed down with champagne, Montbazillac and a delicious Bourgogne, and we finished off with a wee nip of whisky as we rang in the new year. It was just the four of us, and I have to say that, having spent Hogmanay over the past few years at the Edinburgh street party, watching fireworks (and having them chucked at us) in the centre of Milan and dancing til dawn then waiting half an hour on freezing cold station platforms for the train home, it was, along with last year's event with my family in Scotland, one of the best ever. (If this is what getting older means, bring it on.)

I hope that all my readers and fellow bloggers also had a good one, and wish you all the best for 2014. Following all the positive responses to my last post, I've resolved to blog more often and worry less about having something breathtakingly original to say. Together we can keep the world of little, personal blogs alive!


  1. I am glad you are going to keep blogging without worrying about it - I assure you we are all still here just blogging our way into 2014! I am glad you got to see Scotland - even if not for the New Year. Your Scotland pic looks beautiful!! I am glad that Milan was good and compared with Edinburgh!

  2. The pictures are awesome. Two different countries but the same kind of weather and landscape in a way.