Saturday, 1 February 2014

Dinosaurs in Paris and New Year Resolutions

I didn't write a post about my new year resolutions back in January, mostly because they were a bit half-hearted. My goals for January 2014 could be summed up in 6 words: walk more, cook more, blog more.

Put differently, I decided to do more of three things that I already do, things I like and things I think are good for me.

The advantage of these kinds of resolutions is that they're highly achievable, so now, a month down the line and feeling pretty smug that I'm on my way to succeeding, I've decided to make them public.

The reasons behind walk more were simple: I'm not good at team sports and I've been too busy recently to commit to any kind of gym classes, so day-to-day walking and the odd bike ride are pretty much the only exercise I get. Attractive scenery and dramatic views make me very happy, and while I don't suffer from SAD, I'm sure that a daily dose of sunlight is good for the soul too.  Walking used to be a big part of my twice-daily commute but since I moved to Paris, a combination of being short of time and having heavy bags to carry, as well as the long hours of darkness, have made making use of door-to-door public transport all too tempting. Since January, however, I've been making an effort to leave work earlier and walk for half-an-hour in the last of the daylight, as well as getting out into the open air every day at weekends.

My cook more resolution was also a consequence of my having slipped into lazy habits. The combination of free meals in the work canteen every weekday and the fairly rubbish selection of interesting foodstuffs in your average Parisian supermarket meant that Understanding Frenchman and I were tending to do bare-minimum shopping and eating nothing but ham, cheese and salad every single evening. Recently, though, we've been making far more use of the wonderful Marche d'Aligre to buy vast quantities of interesting, tasty fruit and vegetables and I've been trying out recipes from the new cookbook I got for Christmas. When I shared some of my baking with a colleague and told her it was part of my new year resolution, she suggested that I should decide to walk more, cook more and share more instead, so I must be doing something right!

This entire basket of fruit cost about 7 euros and it tastes
so much better than supermarket plastic!
My resolution to blog more was a consequence of my reflections on Blogging About Blogging. Having realised that one of the things I love best about reading other people's blogs is the little insights into their daily lives, I've decided to blog at least once a week whether or not I have something extra-fascinating or entertaining to say. (Hence why this post is pretty much seven paragraphs of navel-gazing - sorry about that!)

And what about the dinosaur? Well, a couple of weeks ago, Understanding Frenchman and I walked along the Seine from the Place de la Concorde to the new shopping centre at Beaugrenelle, where I bought some classic British ingredients to cook our Sunday morning bacon muffin brunch and evening baked potatoes with tuna and cheddar cheese. On the way, the sun was going down and I got some great pictures to publish on this blog:

Everyone loves a pretty picture of the Eiffel Tower...

... but it's even better if it's got a dinosaur in it.
That particular Saturday afternoon was a new year resolution hat trick!



  1. Bacon muffins, sounds great! They sound like good, achievable resolutions. Mine was doing my skincare routine at night - I'm often too lazy to bother with all the cleansing and moisturising. Good to hear you'll be blogging more too! I wanted to comment on that original post but I always have issues posting via iOS.

  2. "Having realised that one of the things I love best about reading other people's blogs is the little insights into their daily lives," I am so right with you there. Some bloggers think they have to have something big to blog about. I'd rather read about the dinner party you went to were someone said something rude.. or how the kids are doing in school. The funny thing is IRL I don't know almost any of the people who's blogs I follow.

    Years ago a friend of mine went to France to be a English teaching assistant and started a blog like everybody did back then. Soon she had a blogroll and I started reading about all these people I didn't know.

  3. Love the dinosaur pic! Ugh, it has given me wanderlust. I have only been to Paris 3 times, but I am certain it is my favourite city in the world!! I hope you do well with the cooking and walking and blogging; nothing like fresh fruit compared to supermarket fruit!!