Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Four Years

Four years ago yesterday, I went on a first date. After a stroll by the canal and a couple of hours of conversation during which I discovered nothing but good things about this attractive Frenchman who I had met through mutual friends a couple of days earlier, we said our au revoirs and went our separate ways.

That evening, I went to an expat meetup which, with it being the 14th of July, inevitably ended with us heading down to the river to watch the Trocadero fireworks.

It was the end of a long year of transition for me, a year in which much of life had not quite gone to plan, but that evening it seemed as if certain things might finally be starting to go right. I remember standing there on the bridge and feeling so happy to be there, surrounded by potential friends and with all sorts of possible experiences ahead.

Last night was the first time since that evening four years ago that I was actually in Paris for the 14th July. We watched the fireworks from that same bridge and this time I was surrounded by that same wonderful Frenchman and lots of close friends.

This year, I didn't just feel happy to be there. I felt happy to belong.


  1. How lovely! Those fireworks with the Eiffel Tower are superb!

  2. Happy anniversary (and that's a handy date to remember!)

  3. What a great way to spend the day! :-)