Thursday, 12 November 2015

More Smiles on the Metro

If there's one good thing about taking the metro every day to work (apart from when I get a seat and can catch up with my reading), it has to be the adverts. They're like a little window into life (often Parisian life) and, unlike TV adverts, which I hate, I find the posters in the metro quite clever and entertaining.

The current ads for this new website make me laugh, because what could be funnier than an English-language pun that only really works if you have a French accent?

I also like this one, because even if the sleazebags who actually harass women on the metro will unfortunately take no notice notice,  I hope it will at least raise awareness among non-sleazy men, even the best of whom seem to think it isn't such a problem really:

Finally, we took the Transilien train over the weekend and they have a new range of adverts to tackle incivility, of which my favourite was the one which said, "Give up your seat for elderly people and pregnant women. You'll feel better." I think I like that one because it's true!


  1. Ha, It is really not funny unless you say it in a mock French accent!!!

  2. I saw the second one trending on Twitter and I was pleasantly surprised. It's... good. It's about time the RATP addresses the issue!

  3. Some dude gave me his seat the other day. Confused over whether he was overly gentlemanly or if he thought I was pregnant (omg omg omg).

  4. Probably just being gentlemanly. I suspect most guys nowadays would be scared to do this (not that I think they should feel obliged to, but it's a nice gesture that should be taken at face value) in case they got told off for thinking women were the weaker sex!