Sunday, 1 November 2015


Autumn has been gorgeous in Paris this year. I read somewhere that for the leaves to turn red, yellow, bronze and gold, the temperature has to drop rapidly between the end of summer and the start of autumn, and that's certainly what happened this year when the mercury fell about ten degrees in the space of three days. This is a photo of my favourite view in the Bois de Vincennes a few weeks ago, and when I walked around the Lac Daumesnil yesterday, it was even more stunning:

My friends and I went on our annual October pilgrimage to the Alps (autumn is by far my favourite season in the mountains) and enjoyed crisp mornings, sunny afternoon siestas and delicious warming dinners of hearty soup and raclette.

While we were in the Alps, I got a message from my brother saying that my new nephew had been born, so our next October trip was over to the UK to meet a teeny tiny baby. In between cuddles, we went for a walk along the South West Coastal Path and were treated to sunshine, fresh air and beautiful sea views.

Finally, we came back to Paris and attended the wedding of two very dear friends. The Mairie du 3ième went to an enormous effort to make the ceremony personal and not just an administrative formality. One of my favourite moments was when the mayor handed them their Livret de Famille (book of family records) and said to them, "There are spaces at the back to record the births of eight children, but you only need to fill them if you want to!"


  1. Autumn certainly has been beautiful this year!

    When I first looked through our Livret de Famille and counted pages for 8 kids, I was like "8?!". But J also said that miscarriages are recorded there as well. I'm hoping that's not true, because what a horrible reminder on top of everything.

  2. I didn't know that, about the miscarriages. But a couple of my good friends who've had miscarriages are often more sad that the baby was never acknowledged as a real person, so maybe for some people it's a good thing to have it recorded there.

    One of my colleague's husband works in the military, and they know some people who have such big families, they had to ask for extra pages!

  3. That looks like such a nice quiet walk in the Alps!

  4. I always find the Livret de famille creepy, with the "date de décès" juste under the birth details.

    So jealous of your nice weather...

  5. Pretty! We have been so lucky with the weather so far, except for that cold snap. I love when it's crisp and sunny, like it looks in your Alps pictures.