Friday, 11 August 2017

Busy / Not Busy

July was a bit of a strange month in our house. I was on holiday for most of it, while UFM was working, and I was really looking forward to having plenty of time with SCB and getting out and about lots.

In the end, it wasn't quite like that. While SCB has basically been sleeping through the night for a while now, she went through a phase of waking up ridiculously early and refusing to go back to sleep even although she was clearly tired. At the same time I had a period of insomnia which meant that I ended up planning most of the day around her having naps in her cot so that I could go to sleep at the same time. So we didn't go on nearly as many exciting trips as I'd planned.

(Incidentally, we have since solved the early waking, along with her reluctance to go to bed at night, by cutting out her morning nap and putting her to bed later. Contrary to what the sleep "experts" of the internet will tell you, poor sleep routines can actually be due to undertiredness as well as too little sleep!)

We did manage a few outings into Paris, though, made easier by the acquisition of a new, super light buggy that you can use from newborn, fold with one hand, lift with one finger and push through the barriers on the metro. Any trip out now has to involve safe opportunities to for SCB to practise walking, so we had lunch at the Musée du Quai Branly, which has a lovely, quiet garden that feels a bit like one of Paris' undiscovered secrets despite being only a few hundred metres from the Eiffel tower. A friend and I also met up at the Natural History museum and spent an hour or so strolling through the course of evolution and marvelling at the length of a narwhal's tooth before letting SCB loose in the Jardin des Plantes. We watched the planes flying overhead for the military parade on the 14th July from a friend's balcony, and I even managed to do a little bit of successful sales shopping and spend a voucher I had for Galeries Lafayette before it expired. After our shopping trip, SCB needed to stretch her legs, so we went to the park at Trinité d'Estienne d'Orves, where she toddled around distributing smiles to old ladies, other children and the dodgy blokes smoking joints in secluded corners alike. (Ironically these guys are a lot less scary when you have a small child with you than when you're a woman alone.)

Playing in the sandpit at the park
Written down like that, it seems like quite a lot, but at the time it felt as though I spent most of July in a state of lethargy, interspersed with many, many trips to the local park. Which wasn't a horrible way to spend the holidays, but I'm glad the UFM is now off work as well, we've escaped from Paris and August is shaping up to be a bit more exciting!

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