Sunday, 9 October 2016

Recently I have mostly been ...

When I'm at work, I eat in the canteen, as does Understanding Frenchman. Being at home all day means I'm responsible for sorting out my own lunch, so I've been taking advantage of that to resurrect some old favourites that UFM doesn't really like and try out some new recipes. Last week I bought soy sauce and made stir-fry, which I used to eat about once a week but literally hadn't had for years. Then one day when we had run out of vegetables, I was inspired by the fruit bowl to fry a few slices of apple in salted butter to eat with pork chops. It was really good.We've had various visitors recently, so I've been using that as an excuse to test out our new oven for baking. I made banana cake, millionnaire shortbread and carrot cake, and the difference compared to when I used our old grill oven is amazing - success every time! Both the banana cake and the carrot cake went down really well with French friends who were already fans, which surprised me, as they're not the kind of baking that you see often here.

Obsessing about nap times
Super-cool Baby has been a great sleeper from birth, but I'm pretty sure we've hit the dreaded four-month sleep regression this week, because while nights are still OK, getting her to take naps has been, well, a nightmare. 45 minutes of rocking, singing and nursing may or may not result in a half-hour nap, and if it doesn't, she's guaranteed to be grumpy and clingy until she finally does get off to sleep. If she does, I then start stressing about the rocking, singing and nursing creating bad sleep habits that are soon going to disturb our nights as well. Out of all of the things you get to worry about with a baby, I think sleep is a particularly stressful one because there are so many different ideas on the subject, what you do now can have a major impact on what your baby will do later, and bad sleep can ruin your life for years. Scary stuff.

At the same time, I find the whole subject kind of boring and dislike the fact that I spend so much of my day thinking about it. So I'll stop writing this paragraph now.

Exercising my pelvic floor
Yes, I finally sorted my self out with a kiné, who I go and see twice a week to get all those important muscles back in shape. I accidentally ended up with a man because I called the number for a woman who I found in the annuarie santé but got through to the guy that she shares her clinic with instead. I thought it might be horrifically embarrassing but it's actually been absolutely fine. My stomach muscles are apparently pathetically weak, however, so I have to practise doing plank-type exercises for thirty seconds at a time. At the moment I can only hold the position for about ten seconds, so I have a long way to go!

Finally, as a change from all of those exciting activities, I also went on a night out with friends on Saturday evening. We went to a restaurant not too far away and I was already on my way home after a few hours of good chat and company when I got a text from UFM saying, "Help, she has woken up and is crying!", so that was definitely a success!


  1. My in laws accepted the carrot cake I baked for my husband's birthday but they were not big fan. They don't really like cakes that are dry (for example banana cake).

  2. I absolutely love carrot cake (and banana cake, and zucchini bread, etc.) This is something I discovered in North America and although the idea of a cake with carrots with kind of puzzling, I quickly adopted it ;-)

    Kids and sleep... oh my, did I worry about that too... :-/