Saturday, 13 August 2016

Holidays At the End of the Earth

I'm not really allowed to say that Finistère is my favourite part of Brittany - Understanding Frenchman is from the Morbihan, so obviously that's the best bit. But between you, me and the internet, the most westerly département is very beautiful and beautifully under-populated, even at the peak of the high tourist season, and that's exactly what's needed for a summer holiday antidote to Parisian living.

There are reasons for this, of course. Our gîte in the little village of Plournéour-Trez, on the north coast west of Roscoff, was a six hour drive from Paris. A six hour drive from Paris would also get you to the Alps, the Atlantic coast, the Dordogne and many other places which are a whole lot warmer than Finistère. The difference in temperature even with the Morbihan was noticeable; even on sunny days there was a fresh breeze that's had us wrapped up in fleece jumpers as we eat our dinner on the terrace.

But when you can swim in sea which looks like this:

hike along coastal trails with views like this:

lay out your towel on a beach as empty as this:

and appreciate that the rain waters gorgeous flowers like this:

a little shiver every so often doesn't seem to matter too much.


  1. Looks just as beautiful as when we were around there! Personally I think it's worth the 6-hour drive! (Though we didn't do it with a baby... maybe next year.)

  2. Sounds like my perfect weather to be honest. And it looks just wonderful.